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Superior Bird Control Services In Melbourne

Birds congregate in human settings such as homes and businesses for food, protection from predators, and a safe breeding ground. Although the majority of bird species are unconcerned with human presence, some of them can do substantial damage to your home or business.

If you're annoyed by bird droppings and feathers on your home, you should engage a professional bird pest control service Melbourne. They are also responsible for the spread of diseases such as toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, and others.

As a reputable and trustworthy bird removal company in Melbourne, Bird Control Company has a staff of qualified and experienced bird prevention specialists. We understand that some birds might be bothersome, so we employ practical strategies to assist you with our Melbourne bird removal services           

Regularly inspect the property and its environs for signs of termite infestation.

Pest Bird Types In Melbourne

You may have encountered the tiresome and useless process of bird control at some point in your life. The following are some of the most frequent bird species found in Melbourne:

  • Doves

  • Pigeons

  • Seagulls

  • Starlings

  • Indian myna

  • House sparrows

Consequences Of Bird Infestation

Pest birds can enter offices, hospitals, shopping malls, business venues, motels, and virtually any other structure. They frequently leave feathers and droppings, which transmit disease and degrade the space's aesthetic. It may deter potential clients from visiting your business.

If pest birds are not dealt with quickly enough, they can become a bigger problem. They may cause property damage, chaos in your environment, financial loss, health difficulties, and a variety of other issues:

  • Birds wreak havoc by building nests both outside and within the home.

  • They carry infections, putting your family and consumers at danger.

  • Some species cause harm to your property by constructing nests, clogging gutters, dislodging roof tiles, and a variety of other problems.

  • Many birds contain disease-carrying mites, fleas, ticks, and other biting insects.

  • Bird droppings are hazardous to your health and make your business look nasty, filthy, unwelcoming, and unprofessional.

  • During their breeding season, some birds become aggressive and assault personnel, customers, and occupants of the building.

Bird Control Process At Multi Pest Control

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we have a systematic and efficient three-stage Bird treatment technique. We handle not just the current Bird pest concerns at your home, but also the potential for future infestations with our treatment services.



A bird check is conducted at your Melbourne property by our skilled bird exterminator. We inspect without interfering with your everyday activities. Our bird nest removal service will assist you in detecting the sort of bird that is causing you problems, as well as understanding its characteristics and determining the level of damage it has made to your structure. Our Melbourne bird expert will investigate the site of the birds' nest to determine the possible causes for the birds' decision to build their nests.


Treatment and Extermination

We create a bespoke bird eradication treatment plan depending on your budget and requirements when the assessment is completed. The plan details the bird removal treatment technique, the projected completion time, the essential directions for the residents to follow, the probable outcome, and other pertinent information.

Our local bird control specialists will get in touch with you on a frequent basis to keep you up to date on the bird control treatment. You can ask any query about our service at any moment.


Preventive Maintenance

To effectively complete the bird removal treatment process, our bird control specialist team uses the most advanced equipment. Because each species of bird reacts differently to our tactics, we use a different technique for each one. To eradicate the bird from your Melbourne neighborhood, we use a range of measures like as bird spikes, bird traps, shock tracks, and a sound system.

Why Go With Us?

Multi Pest Control is known for making a significant difference in our customers' lives by providing the best birds pest control service available. Some of the aspects of our services that make us a favored choice for the most reliable bird pest control company in Melbourne include:

  • Same-day or next-day service is available.

  • Competitive prices and upfront quotations

  • Transparent and hassle-free communication

  • Friendly customer service that exceeds expectations

  • Excellent and Value-added Results

  • Pest treatment that is both safe and effective

  • Exterminators who are licensed and experienced

  • A methodical approach to service


You may deter birds from your environment in a variety of ways. Deterrents such as small mirrors and aluminium foil can be used to distract the birds and cause them to flee. You can also utilise predator bird decoys, such as owls and other huge birds, to entice problem birds to leave your area. Bird spikes can also be used in regions where problem birds congregate. Natural repellent sprays are another excellent option for dealing with the condition. Chilli pepper, vinegar, and water can be mixed together and sprayed in places where nuisance birds roost.

To remove birds from our customers' houses, Multi Pest Control follows a step-by-step approach. Our pest professionals will come to your home and identify the bird species as well as the cause of the infestation. Our team of bird researchers will develop a scientific and humane bird removal plan based on this information. Our professionals will trap the birds, remove them from your property, and release them at a safe distance away from it, all in accordance with regulatory standards. If your neighbourhood has a lot of pest problems, we may install bird spikes and nets to prevent future infestations and give you advice on specialised property and yard upkeep.

It's critical not to startle the bird by holding it or yelling at it. Children and dogs should be kept away from the imprisoned bird. Turn off the lights and fans in the room, as well as any open flames. Open the windows and exterior doors to direct the bird's path, and then chase it in the opposite direction. If the bird is unable to find its way, wash your hands and carefully catch it with a sheet or large cloth piece before placing it in a box. Take the bird out of the box and let it to fly away. If you observe that the bird is unable to fly, please notify us

A variety of signals can be used to identify pest birds. In most circumstances, you will notice birds intruding on your area, compromising the health and hygiene of your environment. The symptoms listed below might also assist you in confirming the existence of pest birds in your area.

Bird droppings — in regions where birds roost on your property

Bird nest debris or nesting materials

Noises made by invasive birds

Bird feathers found in roosting areas

Pigeons build nests under roof shingles, causing roof shingles to deteriorate for no apparent cause.

If you see any of these indicators of a bird infestation, call us right away for bird removal services.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

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