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Rodent Control

 In Melbourne, the population of rats, mice, and other rodents has exploded in recent years. The worrisome issue is that they've increased in size and can now create dangerous circumstances that cause substantial structural and property damage.

They have a proclivity for infiltrating various constructions and gnawing and cutting anything to make secure nests. So, if you see even a single rat on your property and need rat or mouse removal, contact Multi Pest Control in Melbourne. Our rodent pest treatment method is comprehensive and designed to eliminate the issue completely the first time.

Rodent Varieties Prevalent In Melbourne

  • Norway Rats

  • Bush Rats

  • Roof Rats

  • House Mouse

  • Water Rat

  • Field Rat

  • Sewer Rat

Rats of various species have been discovered in Australia. They carry hazardous infections such as salmonella, TB, leptospirosis, and tapeworms, in addition to causing property damage. Other pests such as mites, fleas, and ticks are also introduced by the rats. They can get inside your house by squeezing into small cracks. They quickly multiply in numbers, with the ability to generate up to 200 young in four months.

Why Go For Rodent Pest Control

Following are the main reasons why you should go for a Rodent control procedure:  

  • Rats pollute food.

  • They can cause harm to home things.

  • Rats can cause structural damage to a home by digging burrows.

  • By eating electrical cables and equipment, they can pose a health and safety risk.

  • They can provide as a breeding habitat for fleas, ticks, and lice, among other parasites.

  • Rats are known to gnaw through insulation and wallpaper.

  • Rats also carry a number of fatal diseases.

Signs You Need Rodent Control Service

  • A rat infestation can develop fast when two or more rats are present. It is critical to act quickly in order to avert this situation. However, spotting one or two rats may be challenging due to their ability to hide and the fact that they are nocturnal. Keep an eye out for the following indicators that indicate the presence of a rat.

  • Look for signs of rat droppings. Rat excrement is easily identifiable since it is about the size of a giant rice grain and is dark brown or black in color.

  • Rats, like most pests, prefer to live in colonies, so looking for their tracks is the best method to double-check if you suspect an infestation. You might be able to figure out their tail marks by sprinkling chalk dust on them.

  • Examine the skirting and walls for filth. Rats enjoy running along the walls' edges. Because they have filth and grease on their bodies, they may leave a dirty mark on the wall.

  • If you discover damage to your furniture, bitten plastic, or electrical wiring, you may have a rat infestation. Because rats' teeth develop throughout their lives, they must gnaw on items to maintain them formed and sharp.

What Our Rodent And Mice Program Entail



Our pest control experts will thoroughly inspect your home for any entrance points and harborage areas. The complete survey assists us in determining the extent of the infestation and the appropriate steps to take.



To keep rats out of your home, we install rodenticide-filled bait stations around the perimeter. These bait stations are positioned in difficult-to-reach locations to prevent your children or pets from accessing them.


After Inspection

We don’t just stop at completing the work because we fully understand problems can resurface. We conduct a post inspection exercise to ensure that entire issue has been resolved completely. For example, in RODENT control, we fully plug all holes around entry points from where RODENTs could possibly come back and start nesting.

Why Call Multi Pest Control?

There are several reasons to chose us as your service provider for complete and comprehensive solutions for Pest Control infestation in Melbourne.

  • Same-Day Services

    We respond to all your queries within 24 hours. This service feature of ours is unparalleled and we competently and swiftly respond to your problems.

  • Environmentally Safe Products

    We ensure that our products cause minimal harm to other life species and are gentle on the environment and surroundings.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Ant removal is not a one-time activity and we provide continuous monitoring services to check growth of ant population and ensure that there are no recurring issues in future. We also give DIY tips and pointers to help you curb ant infestation in your premises.

  • Tailor Made Plans

    We customize each treatment according to the geographical and demographical parameters with respect to the property which we are handling. Our products are also used in accordance with the situation.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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