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Domestic Pest Control Services

It can be annoying to discover an army of ants in your kitchen or an invasion of cockroaches scurrying about in your bathroom.

An infestation of pests in your home is more than a nuisance. Pests can have a negative impact on your and your family's health since they spread a variety of infections and ailments. Furthermore, a nearby beehive or wasp nest might be dangerous to children and dogs. Furthermore, a severe rat or termite infestation can result in extensive structural damage to your home and belongings.

Put A Complete Stop On Pest Infestation With Multi Pest Domestic Pest Control Services

We are an Australian-owned and run domestic pest management company with a proven track record of pest-free homes providing the best domestic pest control services! We guarantee optimum pest control services with a team of highly qualified professionals, the use of eco-friendly pesticides, and different tried and established procedures. We put an end to your pest problems with years of experience in domestic pest management and a team of experienced and licensed exterminators!

How We Operate

We feel that effective pest management is not a process that can be completed in a matter of hours. It necessitates well-considered plans and proper implementation. We take a holistic approach with this concept in mind, which includes:


Thorough Property Inspection

Knowing what you're up against is like winning half the battle! As a result, we inspect your property thoroughly to evaluate the size, severity, and level of infestation. The inspection also allows us to learn more about the pests and their exact nesting place. We develop a strategy to rid your home of vermin using this information. The arm traps and baits are strategically placed by our expertise. To prevent further infestation, we also seal the common entry points.


Professional Treatment

Our comprehensive domestic pest control services and treatment methods include cutting-edge, scientific pest control procedures and equipment that can handle any rodent, bug, or bird that has become a problem to you. Furthermore, our professionals employ every known and unknown technique in the book to provide you with world-class and long-lasting results.


Tips for Post-Service Monitoring and Prevention

We evaluate the premises after the task is completed to guarantee that there are no indicators of an active infestation. Furthermore, we think that the best cure is prevention, thus our experts will provide you with expert prevention and proofing recommendations so that you can safeguard your house from repeat infestations.

Why Pick Us For Domestic Pest Control Services?

Many homeowners who are looking for an economical yet very effective home pest control service choose Multi Pest Control. There are numerous reasons why we are a popular option:

  • We are one of Melbourne's leading termite and domestic pest control services companies. We take pride in giving you the best advice, treatment, and pest control services for your home.

  • We utilize environmentally friendly pesticide and rodenticide products that are also safe for you and your pets.

  • Termites, mice and rats, bees and wasps, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, silverfish, and a variety of other pests are among the pests we've eradicated.

  • For your peace of mind, our residential and domestic pest control services are covered with Warranty.

  • For past domestic pest control services, we have a high success rate.

Commonly Asked Questions

You should call a pest control company as soon as you discover a problem. Even a single bug can indicate the presence of an infestation hiding in plain sight. If you discover unexplained droppings, odors, or evidence of nesting, we recommend arranging for household pest management.

Yes, in many circumstances. We can locate the source and implement a pest-removal remedy for the structure and its immediate surroundings. There are situations, however, when this is difficult or impossible. Domestic pest treatment may be required in the future.

Pests might use your home as a breeding ground. Several factors can increase the likelihood of an infestation, necessitating home pest management. Damp settings, dense foliage, exposed food sources, untended gutters, open waste bags and trash bins, and dirty places are all examples.

We make every effort to assure the safety of our domestic pest control services. To get exceptional outcomes, we employ safe and environmentally friendly supplies, tools, and processes. You may rest confident that your pets, children, and other vulnerable individuals will be safe.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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