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Multi Pest Control Services is unmatched in its commitment towards ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Our Industry leading practices in the field of Pest control management have made us one of Melbourne’s top Pest Control service providers. Our USP is our in-depth knowledge and expertise which reflects in our professional and structured approach towards conducting Pest control projects in all types of premises.

Who We Serve?

  • Homeowners

  • Large Commercial Establishments

  • Builders

  • Small Office Spaces


To be the No 1 Pest control Service provider in Australia by achieving operational excellence which adds value and sustainability.


To protect our client’s health and safety by creating a customer experience centered around professionalism, integrity, discipline and trust.


  • Train and develop our staff

  • Refine our services to be in-line with modern practices

  • Ensure teamwork

  • Always do the right thing for protecting the environment

Service Portfolio

We provide end-to-end services in the field of Pest Management including treatments for all varieties of Pests. We are your one-stop-shop for all your pest control needs.

  • Ant control services

  • Bed bug removal and control

  • Bird prevention services

  • Beetle treatment services

  • Wood borer pest control

  • Cockroach extermination

  • Flea infestation treatment

  • Fox trapping and removal

  • Mite treatment

  • Mosquito pest treatment

  • Moth treatment and removal

  • Possum trapping and removal

  • Rodent treatment services

  • Silverfish pest control

  • Spider control treatment

  • Termite infestation treatment

  • Wasp extermination and removal

  • General commercial pest control

  • Pre-purchase inspection services

  • End of the lease cleaning

  • Fly control services

Our Approach

At Multi, it is in our DNA to get things right from the Get-go!

However, this has been made possible because of the way we have set-up our business and how we go about conducting a Pest Control task.

In-fact, we consider each assignment as a project and define our milestones and set our planning process accordingly.


Quality Assurance

All our services are backed by our total commitment to quality. We try and use environmentally safe products and follow all sanitation and hygiene protocols as laid out by the governing bodies and industry norms and regulations. We treat your living and working space in the most “Green” way possible to strike a balance between work and environment safety.


No Obligation Quotes and Competitive Pricing

Customers can get a free online quote from our website by describing their requirements. We do not charge anything for the same! Further, we work out a pricing plan basis our initial check-up of your premises. Our pest control plans will be as per your budget since our aim is to give you more value.


All-In one service

Once you call Multi you don’t need to look elsewhere since we cover all types of pest and pest infestations. You get a broad range of services to chose from as well as our 7-Step Pest Control Methodology ensures that each treatment plan is comprehensive and complete in all respects irrespective of the size and nature of project.


Specialized Personnel

All our staff are hired after a careful screening and assessment process which allows us to absorb the best talent in the industry. Our men and women on the job have years of professional pest control management experience under their belt. Apart from functional knowledge, our team members have excellent interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills to interact with customers and understand all their requirements and needs.


Using Cutting-Edge Technology

We have embraced technology and are constantly upgrading our equipment and procedures to provide the best and most up-to-date process in treatment of pests. From using Ultrasonic Repeller to Infrared thermometers to Thermal imaging as well as Moisture meters, we are using the most modern available devices to track and control pest population. We are also investing in future technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Heat Detecting Drones where most of the investigative work will be carried out by machines and controlled by humans.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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