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Flea Treatment

Have you noticed an increase in the number of fleas in and around your Melbourne property recently? Are you worried about flea treatment towards the end of your lease and looking for advanced flea pest control in Melbourne for your house and office?

Multi Pest Control is your one-stop shop for flea pest control in Melbourne for both your home and office. For many years, our expert and trained exterminators have been delivering quality flea infestation treatments in Melbourne at affordable prices.

We devise and implement unique flea control strategies based on the type of flea you're dealing with and the intensity of the infestation. To see the difference, give us a call. We keep your surroundings clean, sanitary, and pest-free.

Why Is Flea Treatment Necessary?

Fleas thrive in humid environments with a moderate temperature. Although the majority of flea species are not harmful to people, you must keep these wingless parasites under control for the following reasons:

  • Fleas are wingless parasitic insects that cause irritation and are difficult to eradicate.

  • Fleas bite and feed on the blood of pets. Their bites can infect your pet with a fatal disease.

  • They can infect your pet with tapeworm larvae, resulting in a tapeworm infection.

  • Fleas are carriers of bacteria that cause "cat scratch fever."

  • Infected flea bites on humans can result in enlarged mouth, face, and hands. If you are bitten by a flea, you should seek medical attention right soon.

Flea Treatment Early Signs?

The following signs and symptoms may indicate the presence of fleas in your home or office:

  • Infested by live fleas in the drapery, carpet, or furnishings

  • Pets are constantly biting, scratching, and licking their fur.

  • The presence of dot-like insects in your pets' fur

  • Swelling of your pet's face, mouth, hands, or lips are visible indications.

  • Pets suffering with wheezing and loss of breath

Flea Control Process At Multi Pest Control

We care about your family's and pet's health and well-being. As a result, we concentrate on eradicating the pest that is troubling you and providing a healthy, disease-free environment for your family and employees.


Flea Inspection Check-up

When you contact us, we begin flea eradication services for your business and residential premises. Our licensed pest control specialist in Melbourne will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you. The inspection aids in identifying the flea species that need to be eradicated, examining the bite on your pet's body, analyzing flea features and invasion patterns, and many other aspects. The main goal of this flea control check is to ensure that your workplace and household are clean and healthy.


Flea Treatment and Eradication

We will build and create a flea infestation treatment strategy based on our findings in order to totally eliminate them. The Melbourne flea control treatment plan details the sort of treatment necessary, as well as instructions for residents, a projected timeline, and probable outcomes. Before we begin our flea pest control method in Melbourne, we will go over each step of the process in detail. You are welcome to ask any queries; we would be pleased to answer them.

 Depending on the flea kind and infestation level, we offer non-chemical, chemical, or a combination of both flea treatments. Vacuuming your property, using foggers and flea bombs, and other activities are all part of a non-chemical flea treatment approach. If necessary, we also use a heat treatment procedure. In the event of a chemical treatment, we destroy the fleas with veterinarian-approved pesticides. They are completely safe for you and your pets. The insecticides are highly effective, killing all adult fleas, their eggs, larvae, and pupae, as well as their eggs, larvae, and pupae.


Continuous Preventive Maintenance for Flea Control

Although our flea infestation control treatment in Melbourne is quite effective, you should still use our long-term flea preventive measures to keep fleas out of your region. We'll provide you personalized advice tailored to your specific situation. It will assist you in extracting the maximum value from them. Flea infestations can be reduced by cleaning and wiping your space on a regular basis.

Why Multi Pest Control For Flea Treatment?

  • Backed By Warranty

    Multi Pest Control is amongst the very few companies in Melbourne which provides comprehensive warranty on all its products and services.

  • Environmentally Safe Products

    We ensure that our products cause minimal harm to other life species and are gentle on the environment and surroundings.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Ant removal is not a one-time activity and we provide continuous monitoring services to check growth of ant population and ensure that there are no recurring issues in future. We also give DIY tips and pointers to help you curb ant infestation in your premises.

  • Same-Day Services

    We respond to all your queries within 24 hours. This service feature of ours is unparalleled and we competently and swiftly respond to your problems.

  • Affordable Plans

    We offer treatment plans which are cost-effective yet ensure that quality is not compromised in any way. Our plans start from $149 and the cost varies depending on the type of work and complexity of it.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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