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Moth Control In Melbourne

Do you have torn drapes, discolored or aesthetically damaged carpet, or odd holes in your clothes? It's possible that your Melbourne home is infested by moths.

Multi Pest Control is the name for experienced, professional moth control in Melbourne.

We are a Melbourne-based team of certified moth control specialists with cutting-edge equipment and tools as well as years of experience. We provide comprehensive moth control services in Melbourne that will rid your home of moths, not only from current pest problems but also from future infestation concerns.

Moth Infestation Early Signs

  • On your clothes and materials, you may notice silky furrows, trenches, or tunnels.

  • Carpets, clothing, drapes, tapestries, and other materials with irregular tiny holes

  • On your clothes are larvae capsules, which seem as small tubes.

  • Books and papers become discolored or damaged.

  • Inside food packs, moth eggs were discovered.

  • Deposits of rust on rugs, garments, or drapery

  • Food containers with small holes

Why Go For Moth Treatment?

There are over 22,000 moth species in Australia, and the vast majority of them do not harm humans or property. Clothes moths, white moth removal, pantry moths, carpet moths, and brown house moths are among the most common pest moth species found in Melbourne and its environs.

The following sorts of harm will occur if white moth infest your Melbourne property:

  • Moth excrement, as well as the related stains and dark patches, can harm your books and clothing.

  • Carpet moths lay their eggs on your carpets, which causes carpet damage; the moth eggs feed the carpet fibres.

  • Pantry moths lay their eggs on your food products, including stored grains, resulting in food contamination. consuming food tainted with moths

  • Wool, silk, fur, and clothing manufactured from various materials are all damaged by clothes moths and their larvae. Because the larvae of clothes moths are so little, it can be difficult to spot the pest damage early on.

  • Carpet, clothing, and wool upholstery are all damaged by the brown house moth. Their caterpillars feed on cereals, nuts, biscuits, furs, potatoes, flours, and other foods, making them more damaging than regular clothes moths.

  • People with asthma can be triggered by moth hairs that form during the larval stage.

  • Some white moth species produce strange noises at night, which can wake you up.

Moth Control Methodology At Multi Pest Control

We provide customers with long-lasting moth pest treatment solutions. We have the skills to give you with a complete moth control experience, whether you have a residential or commercial property in Perth.


Moth Cure Inspection

Our licensed moth control Perth experts will inspect your property for infestations, identify moth species, assess damage, and look for other pest evidence. We'll also figure out what caused the moth infestation on your house, both exterior and interior sources. This will assist us in providing the best moth removal and treatment in Perth, ensuring that your home is pest-free.


Moth Treatment and Eradication

Our pest professionals will build a custom moth management strategy based on the findings of the examination. The treatment process, the total moth control cost in Perth, the treatment timeframe – including duration – and the projected outcome will all be included. In some circumstances, we may need to do a follow-up treatment to ensure that your property is pest-free. Before beginning the operation, we will inform you of the proper moth pest treatment plan and ensure that you have a completely transparent service experience.


Continuous Preventive Maintenance for Moth Control

We attempt to provide permanent answers to your moth problems with our moth management process. We'll give you precise advice and tactics to assist you achieve long-term pest management.


In general, the following actions can help you reduce moth problems on your property:

  • At regular intervals, vacuum and clean your property completely, including carpets and moldings.

  • After using garments and other fabrics on your property, wash them immediately and store them in airtight locations.

  • Inspect your clothes, personal items, and various areas of your home for probable moth infestations on a regular basis.

  • To reduce humidity, make sure your property has adequate ventilation. Install a dehumidifier if necessary to handle the humidity issues.

Why Multi Pest Control?

  • Affordable Services

    We offer treatment plans which are cost-effective yet ensure that quality is not compromised in any way. Our plans start from $149 and the cost varies depending on the type of work and complexity of it.

  • Environmentally Safe Products

    We ensure that our products cause minimal harm to other life species and are gentle on the environment and surroundings.

  • Tailor Made Plans

    We customize each treatment according to the geographical and demographical parameters with respect to the property which we are handling. Our products are also used in accordance with the situation.

  • Highly Trained and Efficient Staff with years of Experience in Pest Control.

  • Transparent Service with Warranty on our work.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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