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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches have been labelled a high-risk pest! The sight of this pest is pretty alarming. These pests can easily infest homes, businesses, and other areas. When they discover a suitable environment, cockroaches reproduce quickly. These bugs are extremely hardy and resistant to a variety of insecticides.

 If you see cockroaches on your property, contact the pest control professionals at Multi Pest Control, who can effectively eliminate the issue. We will inspect your property to identify the severity of the infestation and develop the most effective strategy for entirely eliminating their presence.

Cockroach Types In Melbourne

  • German Cockroach

  • American Cockroach

  • Australian Cockroach

  • Oriental Roaches

Why Go For Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. They have a foul odor and contaminate the food with which they come into contact. They can offer a serious health risk to humans by transmitting diseases and allergies. The bugs infest human homes and can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other location with a food source.

What Makes Cockroaches Dangerous

  • They can survive without food for a month

  • Few females can stay pregnant throughout their life after mating only once

  • If you cut off their head it can still survive for up to a week

  • They can hold their breath longer than you can - 40 minutes

  • They are fast and can run as fast as 3 miles per hour.

Signs You Need Cockroache Control Service

The sooner you get rid of a cockroach infestation, the easier it will be to get complete control. Due to the fact that most cockroach species are nocturnal and secretive, a major infestation can develop before you even see a live roach. You may take action sooner and exterminate these unattractive pests if you see these key cockroach indicators:

  • Roaches have unexpectedly insatiable appetites, eating everything from human food to pet food to rubbish and dead skin cells. As a result, they leave droppings all over the place. The appearance of roach droppings varies depending on the species; however, most roach droppings resemble coffee grounds or black pepper grains.

  • Odor can be produced by a single German cockroach, but most people will not detect it until the roach population is extremely large.

    Why do roaches emit an odor?

    • Pheromones secreted
    • Trails of odor
    • Roaches that are dead and rotting
  • Cockroaches devour a variety of meals, as well as less visible items such as leather. If you suspect a cockroach infestation, look for damage to your leather furniture. The furniture will appear to have been eaten or ripped.

    Other noteworthy cockroach food sources include:

    • Wallpaper
    • Glue
    • Hair
  • A cockroach will shed its skin 8-13 times before becoming an adult. There's a strong likelihood you have a cockroach infestation if you see what seems to be a cockroach's molted exoskeleton. If inhaled, these exoskeletons have been known to cause allergies in humans, which is especially dangerous if you have asthma or are prone to asthma attacks.

What Our Cockroach Program Entail



Our certified pest control specialists will visit your property at your convenience and do an examination as soon as you contact us with a cockroach control request. They'll determine the cockroach species, the amount of the infestation, property damage, health and hygiene issues, and more.



We'll build a custom treatment plan to get rid of the cockroaches in your home based on the results of the examination. The sort of treatment, the duration of the treatment, the expected results, the directions to the residents, and more will all be included in the treatment plan. We know what form of treatment works best for each species, whether it's German cockroach treatment or Australian cockroach control.


After Inspection

In order to achieve long-term cockroach elimination outcomes, ongoing prevention is important. It's especially crucial for German cockroach management because the species is recognized for its high reproductive rate. We'll provide you tips and methods tailored to your environment to help you create a healthy atmosphere. Regular sanitation and cleaning of your premises, reducing moisture sources, regular inspection of hidden regions of your property, and more are some of these general ideas.

Why Call Multi Pest Control?

There are several reasons to chose us as your service provider for complete and comprehensive solutions for Pest Control infestation in Melbourne.

  • Same-Day Services

    We respond to all your queries within 24 hours. This service feature of ours is unparalleled and we competently and swiftly respond to your problems.

  • Environmentally Safe Products

    We ensure that our products cause minimal harm to other life species and are gentle on the environment and surroundings.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Cockroach removal is not a one-time activity and we provide continuous monitoring services to check growth of Cockroach population and ensure that there are no recurring issues in future. We also give DIY tips and pointers to help you curb Cockroach infestation in your premises.

  • Tailor Made Plans

    We customize each treatment according to the geographical and demographical parameters with respect to the property which we are handling. Our products are also used in accordance with the situation.

Keep a Pest-Free environment with effective pest control in Melbourne

If you love to have your premises in a spic and span condition and want complete riddance from all sorts of pests including ants, rodents, wasps and cockroaches then contact us today at 0423 324 010 or use our online form  to know how we can help!

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